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Why The Roof Is Your Home’s Most Important Part


Your home’s roof is often one of its most overlooked parts, even if you see it every day. Believe it or not, though, it’s the single most crucial part of your house, and severe damage can cost you much more than just money. 

Protection from the Elements

A roof’s essential function is to protect you and your house from the elements, keeping rain, wind, hail, snow, and other factors on the outside and keeping you and your things dry and warm. This protects not only your belongings but also your health, which is why finding shelter is one of the most crucial things one can do when outside in the wild. Of course, in San Diego, you won’t find ‘the wild’ unless you go looking for it, but you’ll still need a roof over your head if you want to live a safe and fulfilling life, so you want to make sure your roof is in top shape by performing regular roof inspections and maintenance. 

While you can do this on your own, hiring a qualified contractor like EZ Solar & Electric is always a good idea, as their decades of experience working around San Diego qualify them to spot damage even before it becomes an issue!

Energy Regulation

While San Diego’s weather is often good year-round, it still gets hot and cold, so there’s a big chance you’re using your AC year-round. Having a solid, well-maintained roof is one of the best ways to ensure your house is adequately insulated, as leaks and drafts can make a huge difference when trying to regulate the temperature inside your home, which will save you some big bucks when you start crunching numbers. 

Not only that, but in San Diego, you can install residential solar panels on your roof, which will allow your house to produce its own power, cut down on energy bills, and help the environment while increasing the overall value of your home. 

A pretty good deal, if you ask us! 

Structure Stability

While most people are aware that roofs are crucial for protection from the elements and insulation, here’s what most people tend to ignore: A damaged roof can be hell on a house’s foundation, and if not caught in time, even minor damage can lead to a total home loss if you’re not careful. 

During rainy seasons, a small leak can quickly evolve into a sagging, leaking roof, leading to rot and mold. Rot and mold will slowly wear out the integrity of the house’s supports, which can cause the whole structure to collapse. Not only that, but a weakened structure can make your home more vulnerable to earthquakes and other natural disasters, not to mention the health hazards that mold can represent to the human respiratory system. 

Selling Value

Because of the structural damage a damaged roof can represent, most buyers won’t even risk buying a house with a defective roof. Even flippers will balk at investing in a ‘fixer-upper’ if said house has severe 

roof damage and those who will take the risk will do so only if the house is sold at a severely discounted price. 

Maintaining your roof in top shape is an essential aspect if you plan on ever selling your home, which means that hiring local roofing contractors like EZ Solar & Electric is the kind of investment that will pay off no matter what. Not only is EZ Solar & Electric licensed in three different trades, making them a trustworthy turnkey services provider known in and outside San Diego, but their experts can help you make smart, informed decisions about what to do to your roof in the event it’s damaged or needs to be replaced. 

Not only that but EZ Solar & Electric can also help you install solar panels, making them San Diego’s go-to contractor if you wish to increase the value of your home! 

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