What Type of Roof is Better for Solar Panels Part 1


While it’s true that solar panel contractors can install solar panels on just about every kind of rooftop, not all rooftops are the same.

Some roof shapes and materials are just plain better than others, and in this two-part guide, we’ll cover the differences.

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Gable Roof

Because of their pyramid-like shape, gable roofs are some of the best when it comes to solar panel installation, as they allow contractors to completely cover both sides of the roof. This leads to increased energy production, which in turn translates to more significant savings in a shorter amount of time.

Because of their ideal shape, every solar panel contractor out there will be able to work on this type of roof.

Hip Roofs

When it comes to solar panel efficiency, hip roofs are, by far, your best option, as their peculiar configuration allows contractors to install solar panels on every side of the roof.

This means that no matter the orientation of your house, there will always be a side of your roof that’s receiving direct sunlight, which translates to reliable solar power every day of the year.

The steep angles these rooftops are known for, however, present a problem when it comes to aligning solar panels, which in turn means you can’t install as many as you can with a gable roof.

This also means that not all solar panel contractors will be able to work on this kind of roof, but experts such as EZ Solar have solutions to make the installation not only possible but also affordable.

Flat Roofs

Popular in the south of the country, but not so much in the rest of the country, flat roofs are the dream of every solar panel contractor, as they allow multiple configurations for solar panel arrays.

Installing solar panels on flat roofs is easier, safer, and generally more affordable, but because flat roofs aren’t that popular in residential households, this kind of installation is usually reserved for commercial buildings.


From traditional asphalt shingles to beautiful wooden ones, there’s a lot of variety when it comes to roof materials. However, not all materials are suitable for solar panel installation, and that’s something you want to keep in mind.

Wooden rooftops, for example, are unsuitable for solar panels, as the material is more flammable than asphalt and tile, and solar panels get very hot by design.

Asphalt rooftops, on the other hand, are ideal for solar panels, as their durability and flexibility lend themselves to long-lasting installations, and asphalt is naturally heat-resistant, which mixes well with the natural functions of solar panels.

Tile rooftops have a near complete lack of flexibility, which means that contractors need to remove the tiles before installing solar panels. This material, however, is fire-safe and improves air circulation, which can help with the longevity of your residential solar panels.

Though only common in some areas of the country, metal rooftops are fantastic for residential solar panel installation, as they facilitate the whole process and reflect the sun, maximizing the amount of sunlight that hits your solar panels.

As a general rule, solar panel contractors can install solar panels on just about every kind of rooftop.

However, if you’re still in doubt about whether or not your rooftop is suitable for solar panels, make sure to call EZ Solar & Electric for a consultation.

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