Should You Add Solar Panels To Your Next Flip?


Each year, an increasing number of Californian homeowners express interest in acquiring residential solar panels, and this trend is mirrored across the country. Although solar technology has yet to be fully embraced in America, it is projected to become the primary source of green energy by 2050. The current administration has proposed a 10-year plan to achieve this goal. If successful, it will result in solar power receiving a portion of a multi-trillion-dollar budget through incentives and tax credits. Homeowners can also benefit from these incentives and tax credits by installing residential solar panels, which adds to the overall resale value of a home. 

Here’s how you can use solar power technology to increase your earnings from home flipping: 

Bill Reduction

When it comes to residential solar panels, the biggest expense will always be installation. However, once installed, homeowners can immediately begin to harness the power of free energy. This is a compelling selling point for potential homebuyers who can move in and reap the benefits of residential solar panels right away.

Solar Tax Credits

Federal and State governments provide incentives to promote solar energy adoption, including tax credits, exemptions, rebates, and other rewards that investors and homeowners can cash in. One such incentive is the Investment Tax Credit, which has recently been extended for two additional years. This credit offers a tax credit on purchasing solar panels and other installation-related expenses, which can benefit home-flippers seeking a greater return on investment. Additionally, the tax credit can be applied to residential and commercial properties, making it a versatile incentive for all property owners.

Increased Resale Value

According to a study commissioned by the United States government, homeowners can enjoy a significant increase in property value by installing solar panels, which is excellent news for those considering investing in solar panels for their homes and home flippers. 

The report highlights that buyers are willing to pay a premium price for homes with solar panels. This is because they recognize the long-term benefits of having a sustainable and energy-efficient home. As a result, these homes sell quickly, making them a wise investment for homeowners.

In addition to the financial benefits, solar panels provide extended roof life. The panels protect the roof from the harsh sun, which can cause damage over time. This protection saves homeowners money on roof repairs and extends the roof’s life.

Finally, solar panels can significantly lower home temperatures by obstructing direct sunlight. This is especially beneficial during the hot summer when air conditioning bills can skyrocket. By investing in solar panels, homeowners can enjoy a more comfortable living space while reducing their energy bills, which is another selling point home flippers can benefit from. 

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