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San Diego Residential Solar Panels: What You Need to Know


As the name implies, residential solar panels are small solar panels you can install on a rooftop to generate solar power.

These panels are usually installed on your home’s rooftop, but they can be installed on detached garages or even large pergolas with the right accessories.

The goal of installing solar panels is, of course, to generate your own electricity, which can be done for a variety of reasons, amongst them:

Saving money, generating your own electricity, going off-grid, and helping the environment.

While you no doubt are familiar with solar power, it’s always a good idea to take a quick refresher, particularly if you’re thinking about installing residential solar panels in your San Diego home.

So let’s take a look at the basics:

  • Residential solar panels generate electric charge when exposed to sunlight, of which there’s plenty in San Diego.
  • When this electricity is generated, it takes the form of direct current, before then going through an inverter which transforms it into alternating current so that your home can use it to power your electrodomestics and lights.
  • Most residential solar panels in San Diego are ‘grid-tied’, which means they’re still connected to the municipal grid.
  • This means that, at night or during overcast days, your home will still have electricity.

While the technology used in residential solar panels isn’t exactly something one can do as a DIY project, it’s pretty easy to see how one can benefit from installing them at home, particularly in sunny cities like San Diego.

Of course, when installing residential solar panels, there’s more than just the basics to consider.

When will I see a return on investment?

While the number varies from person to person, thanks to personal energy consumption, amount of panels installed and state-wide factors utility costs, tax deductions the average residential panel owner will see a ROI within seven years of installing their panels.

This isn’t to say the effects won’t be immediately noticeable, though. You will absolutely see your power bills go down significantly, it’s just that it will take a little while to pay your panels and turn those savings into a return of investment.

If this doesn’t sound immediate enough to you, there are a few more factors you should consider:

  • Residential solar panels will increase the value of your property, particularly in a city like San Diego.
  • San Diego offers tax deduction benefits to residential solar panel owners.
  • On top of that, California also offers tax deductions to homeowners who install residential solar panels on their homes.
  • There are numerous forms of solar loans out there that can help you install residential solar panels even on a tight budget.

Is my home well-suited for solar panels?

While in sunny San Diego the answer is almost always yes, here are a few things you may want to consider:

  • Size and shape of roof.
  • Age of your roof
  • Roof orientation

If you’re unsure of whether your home is suitable for residential solar panels, you can always contact EZ Solar & Electric for a free consultation on residential solar panels installations in the San Diego metropolitan area.

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