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Residential Solar Panel Programs in San Diego

Residential Solar Panel Programs in San Diego

There are many things that make San Diego a perfect city for residential solar panels. From the excellent weather, which leads to sunny days almost year-round, to the cultural conscience that translates to solar panels increasing the value of a home, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more solar-power-friendly city than San Diego.

This preference for renewable energy also shows itself in the form of financial programs, tax rebates, discounts, credits, and other forms of incentives that are designed to make solar power all the more attractive.

Here are some of the residential solar panel programs you can find in San Diego!

Public Benefits Funds for Renewables and Efficiency.

Also known as EPIC, this program dedicates more than $130 million toward the research and development of renewable energy, as well as the incentivization of renewable energy use, which extends to residential solar panels. However, this program’s benefits are even greater when it comes to commercial solar panel installation.

Partial Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Agricultural Solar Power Facilities

If you’re a farm owner operating in the San Diego area, you can apply for this program, which can save you thousands of dollars through partial sales and use tax exemptions as long as you’re using solar panels to produce and harvest at least 50% of your crops.

California Solar Initiative – Single-Family Affordable Solar Housing (SASH) Program

Designed to benefit low-income, single-family households, this program provides enrolled families with up-front incentives for residential solar panel installation, and education on the benefits of solar technologies.

Property Tax Exclusion for Solar Energy Systems

A versatile option that can be used for commercial and residential solar panels in San Diego, this program is one of the most versatile in the city, as it offers tax exclusions to buildings that have a “solar energy system,” which can translate to a multitude of things.

If you’re in doubt: If your solar system allows you to collect, store and distribute electricity, you’re eligible for this tax exclusion.

PACE Financing Programs

Also known as the Property Assessed Clean Energy Program, this is a government-funded loan that can be used to pay for the installation of residential solar panels.

The best thing about this financing program is that, if you move out of your house before you finish paying off the loan, the person who buys your house also buys the debt, releasing you from the responsibility.

California Solar Initiative – Low-Income Multifamily Solar Housing Program.

Designed to benefit low-income, multifamily households, this program provides enrolled families with up-front incentives for residential solar panel installation, solar rebates, and education on the benefits of solar technologies.

The programs listed in this article are programs that can benefit homeowners, but California and San Diego offer a multitude of solar programs to benefit business owners as well.

Some require things as simple as installing a few solar-friendly upgrades, while others are more hands-on and benefit only people directly working in the solar industry.

What’s certain is that San Diego makes a big effort to support citizens to make the jump to renewable energy, and with EZ Solar & Electric, you can make the jump with no hassle or risk!

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