I strongly recommend EZ Solar & Electric for any residential or commercial project. I have been working with Sky Seals, who is the owner and CEO of EZ Solar, for about 10 years. He has performed a very broad scope of work for my company over that time - large-scale turn-key engineering, procurement and construction projects, complex underground and interconnections, troubleshooting/problem solving and consulting. Throughout the 10 years I have worked with Sky on many types of projects, I have been impressed by his expertise, experience, craftsmanship, attention to detail, innovation/creativity, customer service, and passion. Sky has built a company that reflects his talents and together, the EZ Solar & Electric team consistently gets the job done on time, on budget, without hassles. They handle any issues that come up, and they stand by their work. It sounds easy, but it's not, and therefore Sky and his team at EZ Solar have stood out to me over 10 years of working with them.


Chris Taylor Co-Founder, COO Everyday Energy

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