How to Use Solar Power to Save Money at Home

Roofer adding shingles to the roof of a house

With energy costs increasing across the country, it makes sense to look for a way to save money on utilities, and solar power is an excellent way of achieving that goal.

While most people’s minds jump to residential solar panels when thinking about using solar power, the truth is that this unlimited resource can be used to save money in more ways than one.

Today, we’ll look at some of the ways you can use solar power to save money at home, such as:

Solar Water Heater

While not as notorious as solar panels, solar water heaters are an excellent alternative source of hot water and can save you some serious money on gas bills.

They work by heating water via solar panels, and while they won’t work during overcast days or storms, they can be used in conjunction with gas-powered heaters to give you hot water every day of the year at a reduced cost.

Solar Powered Window Heaters

An up-and-coming addition to every house, particularly during the winter, solar-powered window heaters pull double duty by providing extra insulation and heating rooms at once.

These small heaters are window mounted, and they absorb sunlight from outside the house and transform it into heat that’s then reflected indoors.

The effect isn’t enough to completely heat a house, but it does help heat the room they’re installed in without the need for electricity.

Like water heaters, these can work in tandem with other appliances. That way, if the room isn’t warm enough to your liking, or if the day is overcast, you can always use your AC like usual.

Residential Solar Panels

Residential solar panels are as popular as they are because of their versatility.

By generating electricity you can then use at home, residential solar panels can help you cut down on your electric bill and, depending on your appliances, other utilities.

Residential solar panels can help your home go completely off the grid or can help you reduce your electricity consumption, which will save money from the moment you start using them.

Not only that, but residential solar panels can also save you money in the form of tax rebates and government incentives, as well as generate a significant return on investment once you’re ready to sell your home.

The Takeaway

When it comes to solar power, it pays to see it as a complement rather than a complete replacement.

Yes, it’s entirely possible to go completely off-the-grid if one wants to, but for those living in cities like San Diego, it’s often easier to stay connected to the municipal grid.

This strategy ensures you always have access to the utilities you may need, while also reducing your electricity and gas consumption, which is reflected on your bills.

A window-mounted solar-powered space heater, for example, may not be as powerful as an electric one, but by using both you can reach a comfortable temperature while using less electricity, which in turn will save you money without changing your habits.

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