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You’ve read about all the social and economic benefits solar energy has; you’ve taken the time to see if solar panel powers make sense in San Diego and, after all your research, you’ve decided to make the jump. The next step is to find the right contractor to help you install home solar panels in San Diego.

Because San Diego is such a wonderful city for solar, you won’t be hurting for variety when it comes to home solar panel contractors, so today we want to talk about EZ Solar, and why this small local company is your best bet when it comes to solar power in San Diego.

Full Disclosure

At EZ Solar & Electric, we understand that one of the biggest things holding people back from making the jump to solar power is the uncertainty. Because of this, we provide estimates on installation prices and return of investment.

Our experts will talk directly to you and spend the time needed to guarantee you understand exactly how much money the process will take, what the installation will consist of, where you want your panels, how much money you’ll save, etc.

This way, you’ll be able to make the switch to solar while understanding every step of the way!

Community Oriented

We’re not just another solar, electrical or roofing company; we understand the importance of face to face interactions, community spirit and a personal touch in every project.

Clients are trusting us with their money, their home, their time, and their electricity, and we give that trust the value it deserves.

Our family-owned, community-oriented business knows the importance of forming solid relationships with our clients and employees, guaranteeing a comfortable environment where quality service is a priority.

Our in-house team is made out of full-time, trained and licensed professionals who are not only able to install and maintain your home solar panels but also can answer all of your questions on the subject and provide peace of mind.

By focusing on local, community-oriented services, our experts can focus not only on providing excellent service but on creating a courteous and trustworthy relationship with our clients.

Excellent Reviews

It’s easy to claim one is the best at their business, but it’s a lot harder to back up those claims.

Luckily, at EZ Solar & Electric, we can verify our claims not only with our excellent work but also the many positive reviews we’ve received from our clients over the years.

We don’t take these reviews lightly either. We’re proud of the high-quality services we provide and intend on improving them even further, making EZ Solar & Electric your one stop for all your residential and commercial solar power and roofing needs.

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Talk to a Specialist, thanks for your interest in EZ Solar!

To help you go solar, we need your approval to contact you.

Thanks for your interest in EZ Solar! To help you go solar, we need your approval to contact you.


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