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EZ Solar & Electric brings over two decades of experience in the solar, electrical and roofing industry. EZ Solar’s owner, Sky Seals, started his education and training in the electrical field in 1987. His passion for the industry and his dedication to the electrical training courses helped him quickly earn his State Certified Journeyman card followed by his C-10 ElectricalB-General, and C-39 Roofing Contractors License, encompassing all aspects of the trade. EZ Solar has since grown into a fully staffed in-house team of highly competent and self-motivated professionals who now encompass the three primary trades in this industry.

We are fully licensed, bonded and insured in all three trades and provide complete turnkey services, giving our clients the assurance they need to know we mean business.


“What drives me every day, is knowing at the end of the day, we’re delivering exceptional value to our customers. I’ve laid the foundation for continued growth and success, strategically positioning EZ Solar to compete against the big players in a highly competitive arena. I envision EZ Solar thriving in the great work culture I’ve built, under new leadership as a top solar energy provider for future generations.”

— Sky Seals, Founder & CEO


  • We will always inform and educate our customers first about solar energy, how it works, how it benefits them, and how we can help them.
  • We will always provide the highest value, delivering the best solution tailored to our customer’s needs.
  • We will always treat them like family and friends because that is what our customers are to us.
  • We will always be transparent and communicate with our customers directly and consistently throughout the installation process.
  • We will always provide ongoing customer support as needed beyond the installation and final delivery of their new system.

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“The solar industry is growing: more people are adding solar panels to their homes and at the same time, are looking to make money by investing in businesses across the solar energy sector”

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