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It’s hard to think of a city better suited for solar panels than San Diego. With near-constant sunny days and a population that’s often eager to embrace new trends, solar panel installations have become a commonplace occurrence in and around the city.

Solar power technology itself has also advanced considerably over the last few years, turning what was once a near-prohibitively expensive investment into an affordable reality that more and more people are embracing, and if you take into consideration that solar panels can help both the environment and the homeowner’s pocket, it’s little wonder that this technology continues to grow in San Diego.

This growth is not only reflected in the increased installation of residential solar panels but also in the ever-growing number of companies that offer this technology, making it easier than ever to make the jump to green energy. While this increases availability for the consumer, it also raises the question, who offers the best solar panel installation services in San Diego? Luckily, the answer to that is fairly easy:

EZ Solar & Electric.

As one of the few California contractors licensed in C-10 electrical, C-39 roofing, and B-General, EZ Solar & Electric is one of the most versatile and professional solar panel companies in the San Diego metropolitan area. Their mixed experience and comprehensive training in both roofing and solar panel installation mean that they’re well-equipped to tackle all kinds of roofs in all kinds of buildings, no matter if they’re residential, commercial, or mixed.

Too many solar power businesses focus exclusively on solar panels, resulting in invasive installations that can lead to roof damage and force customers to hire a second or third contractor to fix the mess. With EZ Solar’s experience with roofing, this isn’t an issue, as their crew knows exactly how to install solar panels and take good care of your roof.

More than twenty years of experience working in the Greater San Diego area has transformed EZ Solar & Electric into not only a trusted household name, but also the contractor’s previous clients refer their friends and families when they need solar panels installed, their roofs fixed, or both. EZ Solar & Electric specializes in both commercial and residential projects, providing clean energy at a competitive price throughout the city, resulting in long-lasting and professional relationships with clients from all walks of life.

Decades of experience and community trust can only go so far without a competent crew, which is why EZ Solar & Electric focuses on hiring local talent to create a dedicated and capable team of in-house experts that are familiar not only with solar panel installation and roofing but also with the kind of weather conditions San Diego residents can expect.

EZ Solar & Electric is not just focused on providing the best solar power installation in San Diego, but also on creating a solid relationship with their clients and the community by designing high-quality solar panel systems that add value to one’s home or commercial building in more ways than one.

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