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Encinitas is easily the perfect city for those who want to use solar panels in their home or business. With its near-constant sunny days and a population always eager to embrace green energy, solar panels have become a common sight around the city, and so have solar panel installations. Because solar panel technology has advanced significantly in recent years, making what was once an expensive investment into an affordable reality, more and more people are taking advantage of this technology. If you want to make the jump to green energy, you may be wondering, who’s the best solar panel company in Encinitas? 

The growth of solar panel installation in Encinitas is evident in the increasing number of companies offering this technology, but even then, the answer is simple: EZ Solar & Electric. 

With decades of experience working in roofing and solar panel installations in Encinitas, EZ Solar is the obvious answer for all your roofing and solar needs. As one of the few California contractors licensed in C-10 electrical, C-39 roofing, and B-General, EZ Solar & Electric is easily one of the most experienced and professional solar panel companies in Encinitas; Not only that, they’re also one of the few companies that can provide solar, roofing and electric turnkey services, making it easier than ever to make the switch to green power. 

Their expertise in roofing and solar panel installation means they are well-equipped to handle all kinds of roofs for all types of buildings, from residential to commercial and mixed. In addition, unlike many other solar panel installation businesses that focus exclusively on solar power, EZ Solar & Electric takes excellent care to ensure that their installations are non-invasive and won’t cause any damage to the roof, eliminating the need for customers to hire a second or third contractor to fix any messes left behind. Moreover, since EZ Solar specializes in turnkey services, they’re often the company people call when they need to finish a project or fix another company’s mistake. 

With more than twenty years working in Encinitas, EZ Solar & Electric has become a trusted name in the community, with previous clients referring their friends and family for solar panel installation, roof repair, and more. 

With over two decades of experience in Encinitas, EZ Solar & Electric has become a trusted name in the community, with previous clients referring their friends and family for solar panel installation and roof repair. Their confidence and willingness to direct the company are born from EZ Solar’s commitment to transparency, easy-to-use communication channels, and excellent results, resulting in long-lasting and professional relationships with clients from all walks of life. 

Not only does EZ Solar & Electric strive to provide the best solar power installation in Encinitas, but they also aim to create a strong relationship with their clients and the community by designing high-quality solar panel systems that add value to homes and commercial buildings in more ways than one.

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