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Did you know that California is among the Top 5 states in the country for solar power production and usage?

Beaten only by desert states like Arizona and New Mexico, California has been quick to embrace solar power, a fact that’s readily apparent when you see all the tax rebates and financial programs offered to home and business owners to facilitate the adoption of this eco-friendly technology.

It’s little wonder, then, that solar panel installation companies have grown in number with each passing year, making the competition in this sector as fierce as it is beneficial for potential clients, as there are plenty of contractors to choose from if you want to make the jump to solar power.

With so many options available, you may be wondering who’s the best solar panel installation company in Carlsbad, and the answer to that is quite simple: EZ Solar & Electric.

Great Service at a Competitive Price

Operating in and around the San Diego metropolitan area, EZ Solar & Electric is one of the few turnkey electric, solar, and roofing contractors in California, making them a one-stop solution to all of your solar panel installation needs. Licensed in C-10 electrical, C-39 roofing, and B-General, EZ Solar has more than twenty years of experience working with local homeowners and business owners alike, providing both solar panel installation & roofing services at a competitive price.

No need to hire a roofing contractor to help you prepare your roof for solar panel installation, and no need to hire another contractor to ensure your house’s electrical system can work correctly with solar power. With EZ Solar & Electric, all of this and more will be addressed from the moment you call them to get a free consultation.

Personalized Solar Solutions

Not two roofs are the same, so why should solar panel installation be any different? Thanks to their years of experience and specialization, EZ Solar’s trained engineers can help you design a solar panel array specifically for your home or business, ensuring all your needs are met and minimizing costs as a result. Thanks to their knowledge in solar, electric, and roofing trades, making the jump to solar power is as easy as hiring a single contractor.

This turnkey solution approach is only one of the things that make EZ Solar & Electric the best solar panel installation company in Carlsbad and the San Diego metropolitan area. The other is the company’s commitment to transparency, which helps build and maintain a strong relationship with its clients, built-in trust, and high-quality results.

Your contact with EZ Solar & Power starts with a free, no-pressure consultation where one of the company’s trained engineers will visit your house or business to check out the building and see if your roof is suitable for solar panel installation. During this on-site consultation, the engineer will also answer all of your questions and inform you of their findings so you can get a better idea of what needs to be done and decide if you want to proceed.

This transparency-filled approach has helped EZ Solar & Electric maintain solid reputation as the best solar panel installation company in Carlsbad, and has helped clients from all over the San Diego metropolitan area save thousands of dollars by going solar.

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