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4 Ways in which Commercial Buildings can Benefit from Installing Solar Panels


As a business owner, electricity is one of the highest overhead costs you will face over the course of your enterprise, and it’s a cost that only grows as your business grows larger.

Being completely dependent on the commercial power grid subjects your business to the same complications you face at home, with the added struggle that your business relies even more on electricity; After all, a day without power at home may be annoying, but a day without power in your business will cost you money.

Because of this, an increasing number of savvy business owners are turning to solar panels for their business, and in this entry, we’ll tell you why you should consider doing the same.

Reducing Overhead Costs

The goal of every business is to generate money and, to do this, you want to keep your overhead costs to a minimum.

While installing solar panels in a commercial building requires a pretty big investment, solar panels will not only pay for themselves but also reduce your power bills if given enough time.

Not only that, but depending on where you live and the size of your commercial building, you may receive all sorts of tax exemptions, and, even better, you could potentially earn additional income from excess energy generated by your commercial building.

Monetary Stability

Relying on the city’s power grid means that you’re vulnerable to price fluctuations, which can make budgeting for your business particularly challenging.

While you will only be completely free of price fluctuations if you go entirely off-grid, even partial use of solar panels can help you reduce these unexpected costs, resulting in a more predictable income, which will make budgeting much easier.

Community Reputation

Installing solar panels in your commercial building gives a very clear message that you care about the environment and that you’re taking the necessary steps to help the planet.

In California, where solar panels are only growing in popularity, this can give your business extra green credentials, which you can not only use as part of your marketing efforts but can also make part of your business plan.

Nowadays, consumers are showing a marked preference for eco-conscious, sustainable companies, so making the switch to solar panels will increase consumer goodwill no matter what kind of business you run.

Increase Property Value

Expanding on the previous point, today’s consumers are very eco-conscious, and younger generations see solar panels as a plus rather than the eyesore older generations think they are.

This means that, much like houses, the price of your commercial building will only increase if you add solar panels to the building.

When buyers purchase a property with solar panels -be it commercial or residential- it’s the understanding that they’re also buying the panels, so they’re willing to pay more for the building.

What’s more, some solar-panel-oriented loans actually allow you to transfer the loan to the building’s new owner, so you can move your business to a different building debt-free!

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